About us

Zamin Faraand Sanjesh Co. was established in 2008 with the aim of selling geophysical devices and providing mining exploration services, mining both metallic and non-metallic, geophysical and geotechnical engineering by a number of graduates, engineers and specialists in geophysics and geotechnics.

Sales of geophysical devices, rental of geophysical devices, mining activities, especially exploration of iron ore by magnetometry method (magnetometry using magnetometer), copper exploration, lead and zinc exploration by IP geoelectric method, exploitation of chromite mining and operation Gravimetry (Graniometry) and Geophysical and Geotechnical Engineering with Micrograviometric, Geoelectrical, Seismic, Seismic Studies by Various Intra-Species, Inter-Species, Tomography, Deep Seismic Surveys, etc. Karst, aqueducts, pipes and buried canals Archaeological studies, as well as geoelectric studies of water exploration (water retrieval) and identification of bedrock and determination of suitable areas for drilling wells, sales and training of geophysical software to public and private universities and organizations are among the services of this company.

Our Clients